We're all branding agents now

What's behind the bad reputation suburbs usually suffer from? Who's to blame for the negative branding associated with certain postal codes? When signing up for the Ministry of Environment's networking event for researchers on the topic of cities, we were prompted on the delicate issue on why some local city areas are labelled as problematic. Some 80 persons all related to residential areas in one form or another in their work ticked the boxes. One clear factor was identified: the media.

We are living exciting times in the field of UX

Fun, Fast, and Fundamental was the slogan of the Nordic (and beyond) forum for Human-Computer Interactionists, NordiChi. In his keynote, legendary Don Norman (http://www.jnd.org) noted that one adjective in particular has played a prominent role. Fast is well researched and gladly, iterative testing allowing for learning fast and frequently has made its way into ordinary research processes. However, neither fun nor fundamental boast of abundant theories.