INPUT 2014 – some thoughts

I’ve spent a couple of days at the INPUT 2014 conference in Helsinki, Finland, together with 800 people predominantly from the public service media sector from all around the world. It’s been a couple of days of very in-depth looks at projects from different fields and different territories. I’ve stayed true to the cross-media track at the conference, since I’m very interested in seeing how the traditional TV world is approaching the challenges today’s media world brings.

Partner presentation: A game show on the cruise

Ludvig Winberg is a Campaign Manager at Paf, short for ”Ålands Penningautomatförening”. Paf is Åland's own gaming company conducting gaming on the Åland islands, onboard ships and online for an international customer base. All profits Paf generates go to charitable causes. Ludvig's work includes various marketing campaigns on their web site, on Åland and onboard passenger ships.

Onboard the passenger ships sailing in the northern Baltic Sea, Paf handles the gaming.

Thinking beyond screens

When Latitude released their ”Future of Storytelling II” research report last year, some things stood out as pretty exceptional to me. One of them was that of all the people they’d talked to – mostly tech-savvy persons in Brazil, the US and the UK – a total of 94% said they wanted storytellers to actively move their narratives into the real world as well. I.e., the screen is no longer enough; stories should touch you physically as well, be a part of the world around you. This, for me, is exciting stuff.