Staff presentation: A true editing craftsman

Mentor Dreshaj has been working as a Senior Editor at MediaCity since 2005. The past two months he has been working with the Energy Ambassador Campaign.

- I’ve been planning the visual part of the videos of the campaign from the start. My responsibility has been the editing, while MediaCity’s responsibility has been the content planning over all. The campaign is important both for MediaCity and for the university. The videos are a great example of how science can be made understandable to the general public.

Partner presentation: Enhancing the game

Torulf Jernström is CEO at Tribeflame, a company that develops mobile and tablet games since 2009. The most popular game that Tribeflame has developed is Benji Bananas, with 25 million downloads.

– We wanted a simple and fun game, and looked for ideas for a one finger controlled game. We came up with a jungle and a cute main character. Afterwards we could build up a variety of worlds in the game.

Staff presentation: Research with a broad scope

Annika Wiklund-Engblom works at MediaCity as research coordinator. Her background is in developmental psychology and IT-pedagogics. Development of educational technology solutions is her main research interest. One of the projects she is working on at the moment is called Talking Tools, a smartphone application for teachers and students. Talking Tools is a collaborative endeavour of content matter experts at the Faculty of Education, MediaCity and UPC Ltd.