We love to explore how human beings go about their day with media content and technology as their sidekicks. We want to understand what really matters most, and why, when a person meets images, shapes and sound. Therefore, we observe what happens when individuals use or encounter gadgets and ask plenty of nosy questions about emotions, expectations, and needs.

For example, of guys and gals aged 16-24 almost all of them chat online, but only one in four have taken up blogging. What’s so rewarding about chatting? A 25-year old woman highlights what’s going on.

‘I was having a go at studying; secretly hoping Michael would come online. You can’t describe the feeling of seeing someone who’s on the other side of the planet on video. To be able to see someone you really like is priceless. It’s fantastic to be able to feel so strongly, physically, for other people. Afterwards, I went to bed, my whole body shaking‘.

Communication, physical enjoyment, and being able to beat the obstacles of a distant relationship are some aspects of it. Also, online gaming has become an art of its own. What’s the gist here? A 26-year old man explains how he enjoys a nice experience with a friend, making thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow fade away for a moment:

‘It felt like everything else disappeared; the only thing present was the experience of the cool music, the game and the company. The feeling of the car speeding all the while the speakers filled the room with Rock n Roll Train. A really cool feeling, Saturday night all week long.’

For a long time already, we’ve conducted academic research into user experience out of a multidisciplinary perspective, sociology, developmental psychology and pedagogy amongst others. To us, it’s utterly important that all human beings – be they children, bikers, or employees – are considered when they meet new things in their work, in their homes, or in society. Therefore, we work together with the creative industries in order to make the human voice heard in the development of technologies and products.

And naturally, all research projects of multi disciplinary fields touching upon the understanding of humans interacting with media content or gadgets are most welcome to conduct studies in our state-of-the-art user experience laboratory.

  • Using scientifically validated research designs and standardized methods
  • Using a multi-methods approach in our studies for triangulating data to validate findings
  • Adjusting research instruments according to content, context, and target group
  • Continuously developing and fine-tuning research methods for better targeting the essence of media experiences
  • Following ethical guidelines for carrying out research

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