MIPTV, MIPFormats and MIP Digital Fronts - a reflection

Things seemed a bit quieter this time around. Where there’s usually a throng of busy TV industry people, elbows being of better use than feet for propelling oneself forward, this time there was ample space almost everywhere.

On the other hand the new incentives from the MIP-organizers – the MIP Cube and the MIP Digital content – did their part to make sure that the ones who actually was there were, for once, on the cutting edge of what’s happening content-wise in the world of entertainment and audience engagement today.

Yvonne Backholm is in a summer mood and ponders the power of storytelling

Foto: Sören Andersson

Maybe it is the light summer nights or sitting by the midsummer bonfire sharing stories with friends that has inspired me to think about storytelling. I know for sure that I got inspired by the people from Torino Film Lab, who visited MediaCity and our event MindClub a few weeks ago to reflect on the role of storytelling in business and in our region´s energy cluster.