INPUT 2014 – some thoughts

I’ve spent a couple of days at the INPUT 2014 conference in Helsinki, Finland, together with 800 people predominantly from the public service media sector from all around the world. It’s been a couple of days of very in-depth looks at projects from different fields and different territories. I’ve stayed true to the cross-media track at the conference, since I’m very interested in seeing how the traditional TV world is approaching the challenges today’s media world brings.

MIPTV, MIPFormats and MIP Digital Fronts - a reflection

Things seemed a bit quieter this time around. Where there’s usually a throng of busy TV industry people, elbows being of better use than feet for propelling oneself forward, this time there was ample space almost everywhere.

On the other hand the new incentives from the MIP-organizers – the MIP Cube and the MIP Digital content – did their part to make sure that the ones who actually was there were, for once, on the cutting edge of what’s happening content-wise in the world of entertainment and audience engagement today.

Lessons learned at ICT 2013, Vilnius

You adults should consult us children on how to change the educational system! 13-year-old Amy Mather from Manchester, UK encourages us, when being invited up on stage by Commissioner Mrs Kroes to share her views on future innovations. And the audience of the ICT 2013 conference in Vilnius greets her with a big round of applause. Because it truly makes sense, doesn’t it?