Horizon 2020 is here!

Today EU’s new framework program for research and innovation, Horizon 2020, is being launched. At MediaCity Michaela Esch is very excited about the new program and the upcoming opportunities – 70 billions of them. Michaela works with project funding and she is always on the lookout for funding opportunities.

Horizon 2020 takes over from the FP7, which was the old framework program. The countries in the European Union face major challenges in the future.

Staff presentation: A true editing craftsman

Mentor Dreshaj has been working as a Senior Editor at MediaCity since 2005. The past two months he has been working with the Energy Ambassador Campaign.

- I’ve been planning the visual part of the videos of the campaign from the start. My responsibility has been the editing, while MediaCity’s responsibility has been the content planning over all. The campaign is important both for MediaCity and for the university. The videos are a great example of how science can be made understandable to the general public.

Staff presentation: Research with a broad scope

Annika Wiklund-Engblom works at MediaCity as research coordinator. Her background is in developmental psychology and IT-pedagogics. Development of educational technology solutions is her main research interest. One of the projects she is working on at the moment is called Talking Tools, a smartphone application for teachers and students. Talking Tools is a collaborative endeavour of content matter experts at the Faculty of Education, MediaCity and UPC Ltd.

Staff presentation: Always trying to find new possibilities

Simon Staffans is a content developer at MediaCity and he is a busy man. Right now he is working with five different TV formats, the Energy Ambassador campaign promoting the energy cluster in Ostrobothnia, and travelling around the globe sharing his expertise in lectures and keynotes. This week he will attend MIPCOM in Cannes, France, an event where over 13 000 delegates participate in selling and buying TV and movie content, formats of different kinds and cross media productions.

Staff presentation: It´s all about a good user experience

Joachim Majors is a usability and user experience professional at the Content Testing team of MediaCity, and he is one of five Certified Usability Analysts in Finland.  He is currently working with three different projects in the fields of web, mobile applications and print media.

I work with both commercial projects and research projects within Åbo Akademi. Thanks to the diverging tasks I can improve my own expertise and bringing in important business contacts to the university