For those about to embark on something transmedia, we salute you

The year has started briskly with a number of articles talking about 2014 as the year of the tipping point. Finally the audience is in place (granted, it has probably been in place for quite some time already) but even more crucially, the entertainment industry is poised to take advantage of this, by moving into the creation of story worlds and franchises in an even bigger way than before.

Staff presentation: Always trying to find new possibilities

Simon Staffans is a content developer at MediaCity and he is a busy man. Right now he is working with five different TV formats, the Energy Ambassador campaign promoting the energy cluster in Ostrobothnia, and travelling around the globe sharing his expertise in lectures and keynotes. This week he will attend MIPCOM in Cannes, France, an event where over 13 000 delegates participate in selling and buying TV and movie content, formats of different kinds and cross media productions.